The purpose, design and implementation of the curriculum represent the school's mission. A Catholic atmosphere, shared and understood by teachers, students and parents alike, permeates all areas of the curriculum. Instructional decisions support the school's academic goals, objectives, and priorities. Evaluation of the curriculum is continuous and responsive to student needs.The school curriculum is used to guide instructional strategies for each subject and grade, and students’ attainment of curricular objectives are monitored and assessed.The MAP (Measurement of Academic Progress) test is given each fall and spring to serve as an objective measurement of students' progress, areas of strength and weakness. The school's curriculum offers students a solid education in all basic areas, and includes Religion, Physical Education, and Fine Arts. Gifted students have a chance to flex their intellectual and creative muscles through the school's co-curricular academic activities. The school can also accommodate academically challenged students by giving supplemental assistance in reading and math.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Fully Accredited by the state of Oklahoma and OCCSAA (Oklahoma Council of Catholic Schools Accreditation Association)
  • Dedicated, highly qualified teachers who continue to learn through in-service workshops, individual studies and seminars 
  • Three tutors to give individual attention to struggling students
  • Advanced and remediated middle school math instruction
  • Computer Lab & Chromebooks for k-8
  • Music, P.E., and fine arts for all grades 
  • Departmentalized middle school: social studies, math, science, language arts, fine arts & Religion
  • MAP Adaptive testing each fall and spring (Adaptive online test to track a students growth throughout their time at Sts. Peter and Paul)

EST. 1951