The Extended Care program is a part of Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic School. It operates under the goals of the school and is planned, organized and coordinated by the director of the program under the guidance of the principal.

• To provide convenient and safe after school care for children of working parents who attend Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic School.
• To help students develop a set of values and attitudes which reflect Christian behavior.
• To continue helping students develop respect and appreciation for others and fair play.

Note: The Extended Care program is not geared toward academic enrichment. Though students may find help on homework and time is set aside to do homework, the focus is on social skills and having fun.

Drop Ins Are Welcome:
Cost for Drop Ins is $5.00 per hour or $15.00 per day per child. 

Registration Fee: 
$20.00 per family for students who attend more than 3 days a week. 

Late fees: after 5:35 $10.00 plus $1.00 per minute 

These costs are subject to change. 

Telephone: (918) 836-4278 or (918) 836-2165
Any students who have not been picked up from a club meeting, sport practice or other after-school activity will be sent to Extended Care and billed form any of the time they were there. Starting charge will be $3.50 from the minute they are signed in up to the first hour. After the first hour, they will be charged $10.50 for the full day. Families with delinquencies in Extended Care will not be allowed to attend Extended Care until the delinquency corrected.

    1436 N 67th East Ave Tulsa, Ok 74115

P: 918.836.2165

Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School

1 Child$200 per month
2 Children$300 per month
3 Children$370 per month
4 Children$400 per month

Extended Care

Program Hours: Monday – Friday 3:00-6:00pm