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Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School

Sts. Peter and Paul Turkey Bingo

Every year we host our BIGGEST fundraiser of the year Turkey Bingo! We use this event to earn money for the school to purchase our educational materials!

We have a silent auction, each classroom has a theme that the teachers select. All the students are responsible for bringing  in an item for the basket. ​We also have a live action where we auction off big ticket items (TV's,video game consoles,iPads, Etc)

Turkey Bingo is a HUGE night for our school with it being the biggest fundraiser that we have it is important that we have plenty of volunteers so we (HSA) encourage our enrolled students families to contact us about information to volunteer so you can get those love hours!!

Turkey Bingo is on Saturday, November 18th, 2017

If you are interested in donating for this event we would love that! Please contact Susan Berbee at 918-693-9616 or Maria Walsh 918-836-2165